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The fox hunting season is on us, so here are some bits of useful information for those who go hunting for the first time.

At the first of the chapter one, Cubbing takes place. This is usually early in the morning and the fall hunt takes place before the next meeting. The goal is to train new dogs and control the number of new fox cubs.

For Cubber, the appropriate outfit is a tweed / hacking jacket, beige or cream jodhpurs and a colorful shirt and stock. It is not necessary for your horse to be braided for Cubber, however, away from respect for hunting, it is essential that you and your horse is evacuated.

Some time around changing clocks for winter, your hunt will hold an “opening meeting”. This means the beginning of the winter hunting and constitutes a key date of any hunting calendar camouflage jacket.

From the opening meets the good hunting dress includes a black hunting jacket or navy. You should consider a thick wool jacket that will help keep you warm and dry in all conditions. You will need your jodhpurs or beige or cream panties and a white hunting almaraya shirt and a white stock with stock brooch.

Hunting Every Day Off For Adventure

It is essential to consider cutting your horse for hunting. It’s a painful day and implies a lot of galloping so your horse will be hot. The clipping also facilitates the removal of mud.

For winter hunting, your participation rate must be exceptionally intelligent. It is traditional in ways and tail. Additional details include hairstyles for girls / ladies to keep long hair out of the way, gloves, a short whip and long riding boots. Short boots and chaps are generally acceptable for children when hunting in the fall. It is advisable to cut the tail of your horse a little shorter than usual to avoid making it caught in bushes and hedges or jumps, etc.

The correct fit for your horse should be considered. Your tap must be clean, well adapted and suitable for the situation, including allocations and boots if necessary. Check your seam to make sure nothing will give way while you are outside.

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It is recommended to take supplies in your pockets, including candies or chocolate when energy levels are low. You should take your mobile phone in case of emergency, but try to keep it silent to avoid ringing at a time disadvantage. Always have emergency contact details by hand, including the next, the veterinarian and a list of medical conditions or serious allergies you have. It is also a good idea to have a change of clothes, rugs of sweat, water, buckets and a first aid kit with essential elements for you and your horse.

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