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Duke of toto sgp toto hk indonesia and toto sydney their wedding on December 18, 2020 yesterday. The event, which took place full of emotion with Javanese traditional dress, looked simple and solemn. Before marrying Canti Tachril, the Duke had a dream wedding on a boat. However, due to the pandemic, finally that dream did not come true. But make no mistake, even though it’s not on the ship, the wedding venue for the man who is familiarly called Dodot toto and Canti togel which takes place in Belitung, actually feels more exotic, Bela. Let’s go, let’s take a peek at the place!

Adipati toto hk and Canti togel singapore chose the beach as silent witnesses to their marriage. It must not be carried out outdoors directly on the beach, both of them carry out the marriage contract and reception indoors. Only photo sessions are held on the beach.

The wedding venue itself is at the Sheraton Belitung Resort , Bangka Belitung. Situated between pristine white silica beaches and sparkling turquoise waters, bordered by granite beach formations and lush landscapes, the hotel toto hk pools hasil togel indonesia offers visitors a breathtaking view of relaxation.

The five-star resort and hotel facilities themselves are quite complete. Some of the facilities include a gym and a game entertainment, spa, swimming pool, and children’s play area. There, you can also go on ocean adventures, eco or island trekking, and enjoy the beautiful geoparks.

Not only that, you can relax in an open pavilion. The rooms have several types, namely, garden view, terrace lagoon, and ocean view. In fact, for the premium class there are several types such as the Island Suite, Ocean Suite, Beachfront Villa, to The Kapitein Suite. Each room can contain a maximum of 8 people.

Enjoy To 4D Toto Online Indonesia Fun

Not only presenting exotic visuals, the resort also pampers visitors with culinary experiences. There are three restaurants with their own special menus, which will spoil your tongue.

To be able to enjoy the beauty of Belitung Island at this Sheraton Resort, you need to pay around one million per night. However, this resort has a discounted price for those of you who have joined as a member.

For a garden view type room, you can pay around IDR 1,450,000 / night – IDR 2=1,950,000 / night. While the lagoon view type costs IDR. 580,000 / night – IDR 2,150,000 / night. Your ocean view type costs IDR 1,750,000 / night – IDR 2,450,000 / night.

This price can be adjusted according to your needs, such as just wanting to relax and have a vacation or for office events and business trips.

Sheraton Resort is strategically located. You can take it for approximately 45 minutes from H.A.S. International Airport. Hanandjoeddin. In addition, this resort is close to Black Rocks Golf Course, as well as Tanjung Kelayang beach which is known as the center of Belitung.

Well, that’s the wedding reception for the Duke of Dolken and the exotic Canti Tachril. Who wants to go there? But keep your health protocols, Bela.

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